View and Share your Website

Part 2: Viewing and Sharing YOUR first Website

In Part 2 you will learn how to View your Website and Share the Address with friends

How do we see our Site

The address to your Website will contain the following parts:

  • https:// - Hyper-text Transfer Protocol Secure

  • - The Web-address for Google Sites

  • view/ - Denotes Viewing a Site, not editing or something else

  • Sitename - The name you gave your Site

So, in the case of this Website, our Address is:

Get your Address from the Editor

You can also display your Website from the New Google Sites Editor

Click the down-arrow on the blue Publish button and select View published site.

Then look at the Web-address in your Browser and it should match the format specified above.

How to Share your Website Address

Just click on the Address at the top of the Browser Window and Copy the Address.

You can then Paste it in an Email, Text or Post etc.

Example of the Link in an Email

It will appear as a Link in whatever media you have chosen.

And that is it! Nice and simple.