Create and Publish a FREE Website

How to Create a Website for FREE

Free Website 1.01 will help you create your own Website without spending a single dollar.

We have no affiliation with Google Sites or with Google at all, we are just an End Users that use a lot of their free products. In fact, we do not have an affiliation with any of the Services, Tools, Websites or Companies that we may use and recommend during this Project.

So far, we have Created and Published two Websites with minimal cost. We did purchase Domain Names but you do not require one to Publish your own Website.

This Website is created using New Google Sites. Google Sites allow you to Create and Publish your own Website without spending a single dollar.

Because it is hosted by Google, we know that our Website will be reliable and have an up-time of nearly 100%. Most of the other free solutions are not as reliable and their up-time percentage is significantly less.

This is a Project Site with the goal of creating a fully functional Website without cost; with the possible exception that we may purchase a Domain Name (see below).

We are also creating an Examples Website to show techniques that may not be required in this Site.

If all goes to plan and we end-up with a functional Website then we may purchase a Domain Name and show you how to link that to a New Google Sites Website.

Some of the things we hope to cover during this Project

(iv) SEO: Search Engine Optimisation (how to get your Website into Google Searches)

(v) Embedding HTML and JavaScript in pages

(vi) I'll let you know when we get there

(vii) ...

(x) Purchasing a Domain and linking it to your Website